On-site Portables Toilets

image holder Floods portable toilet rentals are self-contained restrooms manufactured of molded plastic. These temporary toilets are for construction sites and large social gatherings, such as ceramonies, graduations, weddings and music festivals. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Our portable toilets are large enough for one occupant - usually about 90 cm (3 ft) on a side by 210 cm (7 ft). They are held upright by the weight of the deodorant liquid in the holding tank at the bottom but are usually secured to the ground to prevent high winds blowing them over. Nearly all include both a seated toilet, urinal, lockable doors, ventilation near the top, and a stovepipe vent for the holding tank. Leaving the toilet lid open will reverse the flow of the venting of the tank. Some newer models include toilet paper or, occasionally, antibacterial hand gel dispensers.

Floods Portable Toilets are delivered clean, disinfected and deodorized. We delivery and pick up at your location and guarantee their cleanliness.